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Which Worlds/Series/Characters would you like to see?

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As the title Says which would you like to see, there have been numerous articles in the internet picking @ Which they would like to see as Destination Worlds for KH3.


The possibilities seam endless really...yet @ the end of the Day probably only 12-14 Series Worlds will be included(including the mandatory worlds such as "Twilight Town", "Destiny Island", "Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden", "World That Never Was", "Olympus Coliseum")


If I had to pick as my remaining 10 it would be:


1. Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Fans have asked for a Toy Story World for KH2, but i guess seamed strange due to Sora(A Human) somehow traveling to a world where he would either shrink to toy size? or stay the same fighting the obsessed woody guy?

So I understand it wouldn't make much sense to have it, but it's still a fantasy world I'd be happy to see if they can manage it(really had fun playing those toy story games on the N64). 

Imagine Buzz & Sora taking on Zurg....Wait a Min..I remember there was a Series of buzz light year where they eliminated the whole Toy Concept creating the realistic intergalactic adventures of Buzzlight year taking on aliens including Zurg...Anyway either one would be cool in my book.


2.Monsters, Inc : This is another Series that was requested for KH 2 back in the days, this movie was very good IMO, and had its share of Interesting Villains(Something each world needs) Randall & Henry J. Waternoose. The magic surrounding the access to the Monsters inc. World through the special closet doors.

Imagine a Boss fight with Randall where he goes invisible attacking you while revealing himself whenever he taunts/gloats opening up a chance to attack him. 


3. Lilo & Stitch: We saw them do it for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, so why not again this time. Although I'm not too sure about this one after seeing how the animated Series just went to hell In my Eyes. It would have been interesting, but I fear they would kinda do it focusing on the Series instead of the movie to show case the whole  "Ohana" Means Family line.


4. Treasure Planet : After I saw Sora Use "Those Guns & The Ship" I thought to myself this would be a great chance to add "Treasure Planet".

This User " "HMK"" Made A Very Interesting Video Regarding how Treasure Planet would fit into the Story of Kingdom Hearts 3....and I agree with nearly every point he made(Even the glider Keyblade part...might as well have sora learn the ability since everyone in Birth By Sleep did.

I Rather Have Treasure Planet over Pirates of The Caribbean....I'm Sorry But I just would, it would make a much more interesting asset to the story. 


5. The Princess and the Frog : Dr. Faciliar Would make for an intresting boss battle where he summons shadows to attack while spamming magic.

@ First I thought it would be a bad idea, because the main characters in this series are turned into frogs. Then I remembered in Kingdom Hearts Sora regardless is the one who ends up holding the hands of the protagonist of that World fighting the battles & Resolving their issues for them.

So for this world the frogs(Tiana & Naveen) can be carried to the next destinations by pocked. Until they meet Dr. Faciliar where you like in every kingdom hearts game fight the antagonist representing the protagonist.

Also In kingdom Hearts there can not be more Princesses because the "7 Princesses of Light" Are supposed to be 7. This one is safe from that because there is no Real Princess despite the title having the word "Princess". In the Movie Naveen is not really a prince...more of a  impostor, and neither is Charlotte La Bouff...her dad is wealthy as hell, but aren't really Kingdom rulers(Just a Very Wealthy Family). Charlotte's Dream is to Marry a Real Prince & Become A Princess...but in the Movie that does not happen...because a Real Prince is never introduced.


6. Tinker Bell series : After Noticing there are a lot of Tinker bell Movies being made about Tinker bell's life in Pixie Hollow.  I just get this curious feeling they might also add her to the game. It would probably make sense to a degree, it's something If happened wouldn't find too strange especially after Young Xehanort Started introducing Time Travel to the Kingdom Hearts Series.

Maybe Sora Fights him Briefly & ends up being caught in his time trap sent back in time for a brief moment, then once he finishes Solving Tink's issues gets to re-fight Young Xehanort going back to is Norm time line after YX tries to retreat.


7.  Frozen : As I mentioned Before There can not be more then 7 Princesses, but You would not believe how much people are Pushing for Frozen to be in Kingdom Hearts 3, and once again " "HMK"" explains how that decision would work out fine, and yes to a degree "Snow" in this world would make sense to have....Squall? he's already in Hollow Bastion. If you are going to bring in a FF13 Character Snow(FF13 not -2 & LR) would be a great character to have included. 


8. The Return of Castle Oblivion/Land of Departure :

There is a very interesting quote that Eraqus said to Aqua "Just use the key, and this land will be transformed. From that day forward, all who visit this land will be lost to oblivion, none ever able to solve the mystery. None, Aqua, except you"

Not only is this Castle Important because it has Ventus's Body Locked away somewhere, but it seams to also harbor the home town of the Keyblade Masters. It has to be included in KH3.


9. Maleficent In her Sleeping Beauty World : Without doubt she will be playing a big Role in the game. For me it would be interesting to have her as a Character who once again turns heart to help Sora. She mentions that in the events of Birth By Sleep she was first introduced to Xehanort who shared his finding of needing the "7 pure princesses of Heart" in order to Acquire Kingdom Hearts.

So perhaps as some have now made the use of time travel in their speculations, have Sora go back in time(can be tied with the tinker bell events which would be caused by a trap by "Young X") to prevent Xehanort from possibly using his whole "you are now apart of me" technique corrupting Malificent (Just like he did the rest of the Organization members with the Exception of Roxas & Lea).

If you think about it, in the end it was Maleficent who was Xehanort's puppet collecting the 7 Princesses for him in Kingdom Hearts 1.


10. Star Wars : Yes I know people are going to get pissed about this saying "I Don't want KH ruining my Star Wars". While everyone made a Huge fuss over Disney Buying the Rights to Star Wars. Ask yourself this, what's better Disney making a Star Wars 7 to a series that ended already years ago? or Star Wars being added to KH 3 where they will probably have a interesting story regarding the whole Dark & Light Force of the Heart.

Maybe this can take place during the events of when Luke became Darth Vader explaining to Sora in/after battle how he felt choosing the Dark side of his heart over his Former Brother & Mentor Obi Wan, while being Consumed by it. His Story could be used to tie in Terra's Similar story as he lost his way fighting Xehanort's conscience yet doing it all to save his friends.

How many times has Xemnas gotten the whole Star Wars light saber Reference?...more then you can count that's for sure. Imagine a Gummi Ship Mission fighting Fleets., or a battle with Darth Maul.

IDK how they could use Star Wars, but That's the better way of putting to Use the License rights to Star Wars IMO.



Okay IDK about everyone else, but I would like to have Another Final Fantasy Secret/optional Boss Battle over Sephiroth again. 

So many Possibilities can be switched for him, I know there are huge fans of him, but it's better to give a newer game the spot light for once.

I wouldn't mind having Auron(FFX), Caius(FF13-2), or someone from "Final Fantasy Type-0", or perhaps "Stella"(FF15)...or better yet a Friendly Battle with "Noctis"(FF15) to hype up the fans for FF15(they did this with KH1 adding Tidus, Wakka hyping FFX). 


Also Bring Back Eraqus Sentiment....that Battle Along with my Rematch with Young Xehanort are the 2 main reasons I want Birth By Sleep Final Mix.

If you fight him with Aqua you get the Color Spiral Magic Walls, if you face him with Terra you get the Ground meteor, and with Ventus I think it's the orb Chain in the air. Let him Have all 3 during the Boss Battle & it will be a awesome battle.


I mean In the Trailer Sora picks up Eraqus' "Master Keeper", what if it takes place after or before he faces The Sentiment. Sure people can say "No Aqua left it there", that's possible but again it be cool if it was a Eraqus Battle outcome. Makes sense to have him expressing his regret of failing to take the right steps to protect his students from being spared the catastrophe that unfolded by the man who landed the final blow ending his life.


These are all just my thoughts & Are all Possibly not even going to happen, but heck I Can still dream.

Regardless I just want the damn game sooner then Later.

I honestly Feel like the main reason KH3 was Delayed this fucken long is because they wanted to add Newer Gen Series Worlds, instead of reusing the same ones again & Again. Over the Decade there have been many New Disney Movies that I don't even know about. Perhaps they delayed this long to try to include them as a Fresher scale in the series.

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In no order:

  • The princess and the frog, I think it would be fresh new start into a new fariytale, but doesn't have to have all the characters that appeared in the movie, just the major.
  • Toy story, As much as i love 100 acre woods world, I'd love to have this world as well as an optional cute one (maybe obtainable by gathering toy boxes? like 100 acre woods with the torn pages)
  • 100 acre woods, Appearing in the previous titles is not enough, everyone needs a little warm heart lesson from it, it could be back as a book missing pages and you have to find them
  • Monster Inc. Favorite monsters movie ever, i still remember the good ol' game back on PS2 (i think  :unsure:), it could have all what that game had in features and stuff (scaredy robot kids etc)
  • Disney's castle, well i'd love if it had a story like back in KH II where you had to protect queen minnie and stuff.
  • Ivalice/Nova crystallis, i'm sure this is a no no because both are actually FF worlds and not disney's, but who knows since they brought characters from the series.


Well as for characters, i'd like characters returned to almost every previous titles to appear again (Kairi,Namine,Riku, etc) as well as each world i mentioned characters.


That's a little background on what i'd like, if i say the rest there won't be place for other players to post :P

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I'd like to see not just a toy story or monsters inc but a collective pixar world, the keyblade and costume design for an Atlantis world would be excellent with Michael j Fox doing voice work. I agree with a treasure island world maybe even Muppet treasure island? Big hero 6 seems almost like a no brainer. I would also like a meet the Robinsons,robin hood, and brave little toaster themes added for personal favorite. And it would seem logical to incorporate square enix based worlds.


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