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By Deluziion90,
Platinum #211 - Death Stranding   Platinum: Greatest of Great Deliverers    Fun factor: 8/10 Game Difficulty: 4/10 Platinum Difficulty: 2/10   Review about the story (not trophy/platinum related): Seeing a lot of different opinions online about this game makes me wonder how far the people got into this game. I've doubted from the moment I saw the gameplay if I should give this game a chance but being a Kojima fan I just went into it even if it would cost me 200hrs of grinding(Keep reading the grind isn't that bad at all).   For anyone wanting to experience this game I would say YES. Just give it a go even though you are just delivering orders from A to B. The first hours are very simple. You place some simple ladders, avoid BT's(the floating invisible things) and get a very clear idea how the controls and everything works. Around 10 hours into the story you should know all the basics and get an idea what happened to the world of Death Stranding (and yes at this point the game is still one big "wtf is going on in this game")   14 chapters. I bet most popular reviewers quit around chapter 3 where everything is still a bit of the same. Starting chapter 4/5 however is the point where the game started to steal my heart and got incredible. The chapters get a lot shorter especially when you get around chapter 8 but the story is just triple AAA amazing and this is where Kojima shines when it comes to story telling. Finishing the game explains everything very clear and it's an incredible experience looking back at this story.    Platinum Journey: After finishing the story the main "grind" is getting 36 facilities to max rank(which is 5 stars). Grabbing deliveries and bringing them to one of the facilities gives you "likes" which increases the stars. For anyone reading guides from (for example) Powerpyx would maybe get a bit scared about the 100+ hours grind. I can tell anyone reading this that you shouldn't be scared about this at all. My final in game time(including some afking cooking or eating while the game was running on the background) was 85 hours. It took me a small 2 weeks which included a lot of real life activities. If I look back on my first year of platinum grinding I would probably finish this in 5 days.  Read a bit about ziplines, rebuild roads and the game is very easy to 100% in a week.   Hideo Kojima (Lovely Quote which is very true) "If you look at the world right now, we are connected to the internet 24 hours a day. And that technology was supposed to be there to make us happy. However, what you see today is people anonymously fighting each other or discriminating against each other. Some people are getting tired of social media or the internet as a whole. But when you play Death Stranding, your connection with other people is entirely positive."   "Because there isn't anything negative," he continues. "It's all based on positive intent and positive feedback. You start to care for each other."