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Platted two games this week:






XBlaze Code: Embryo


Both were OK games to play. Oxenfree was good for the first playthrough, but got old after that one. XBlaze could've been really good, but the AOS was a pain!


On to Zero Time Dilemma and Watch_Dogs 2!


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Plat 124

Energy Cycle


Not much to say here, except this: get this BEFORE that "positive glitch" as seen on YouTube is fixed! it will be quick if you do and near impossible if you don't!



Plat 125

Day of the Tentacle Remastered


This one made for a 6-Platinum Month for me for just the 3rd time in my history!

This I enjoyed more than most. Of course, I'm old enough to remember its forerunner, Maniac Mansion (the grandfather of point-and-click), so maybe I'm a little biased!

Bernard, the nerd from Dave's crew in Maniac Mansion, must stop The Purple Tentacle, who drank a growth formula to gain power. He enlists the help of his less-than-smart friends Laverne and Hoagie and the bumbling scientist Dr. Fred (who was freed from The Meteor's control in Maniac Mansion but it still an angry fool) to stop him.

Puzzles and humor are the name of the game, and a walkthrough may help greatly as there are many missable trophies in this 58-Trophy list. Remember not to skip cutscenes or credits as skipping either one locks you out of a trophy.

July has arrived, so what trophies to earn before Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Age? Not much time left to decide, that's for sure!


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#253 Modern Warfare Remastered for PS4. All I have to say is this was one of the most frustrating platinums I have ever gotten and it was all because of two missions. One Shot, One Kill and Mile High Club. Mile High Club I legitimately spent three hours on. Looked up multiple videos and FINALLY got it. Other than those two missions, it really wasn't that bad.


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40-platinum.png#23 - Tropico 5



Tropico 5 Platinum trophy 
Collected all other Tropico 5 trophies

Ultra Rare


Edited by mr2k_pdh

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Excellent Work Restorer.



Another game from my unfinished back log its done! 


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