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Platinum #188 The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

completed in 1 week and 19 hours

platinum rarity 9.60% very rare

platinum name: Fully Awakened

game difficulty: 3/10, difficulty increased due to a few missable enemy's (can be done on multiple playthrough's) and the collecting of every item is lot of grinding


a fun game it was. feeling full from the roguelikes next game will be skylander superchargers (ps3) it's going to be one fun game as i get to use overpowered skylander characters from my first run. it will also remove some of my unearned trophy's since i started the game to make sure it worked. first is some dinner.

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Plat #43


Left this after eps 1 about 8 months ago and completely forgot about it - seeing people playing it and talking about it on here (presumably from ps+) made me go back - glad i did - really enjoyed it


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Happy PLAT of July! I finally knocked out another game that has been looming over me for a year.


I had such idealistic plans for this game, but reality stepped in and made me realize I just didn't have the time, money, or space to fit this game into a daily schedule. That, and not knowing the basics of these excercises can leave ones body sore for days. :{


But again, another game I can knock off the list, and another step towards moving on from PS3 for good.


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