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After two years, 100+ hours of grinding, and even restarting (yes, I said restarting) this game, I finally platinum this game.  It is definitely worthy of...


Platinum #30



Final Fantasy XIII

Congrats dude


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:platinum: All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything 

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale


This was the second time platting this game, it was as boring as ever with the repetitive nature of the arcade trophies. Pretty much doing 20 playthroughs through the arcade whilst doing level 3 on specific levels, makes this a simple platinum. The online trophies were only difficult since there isn't anyone online anymore. But thanks to ruber212 and a few random people online that i was able to get triple kills on i managed to get them pretty quickly. Not a fun plat, but if you are looking for an easy platinum to do then look no further than PS All Stars.


i agree this game just boring as fudge i had to force it to finish it its so bad and boring and bleh 


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