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To this very day, I've collected at least 1 platinum a month, every single month for 5 consecutive Years running..178 platinums without skipping a beat!! A 60 month platinum streak haha..Not bad for a fellow trophy Hunter huh? I'm gonna take a break when I hit 200...possibly!


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platinum #197 Hitman Go: Definitive Edition

Completed in 5 hours and 38 minutes

platinum rarity 70.68% common

platinum name: Agent 47


finished this one before the evening. going to begin 2 point and clicks for the next 2 games. its only going to be that many because the platinum name wouldn't fit for the 200th platinum rango will be the likely candidate for that.


first one will be grim legends: the forsaken bride my leaderboard standing seems to be in the right again with some healthy trophy's ftw.

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2 hours ago, Blue Flare said:

Nice to see someone else plat it. I found the game so boring and easy on later playthroughs that I played the PS4 and Vita versions at the same time.


#127 and 128 - Alone with You


:platinum: Space pioneer


I'll be short and sweet with this one; I wouldn't recommend this. I can't even remember why I bought this game but at least it's out of the backlog. The concept of being the last person alive on a failed colonization mission is a great one. The concept doesn't save it from its forgettable soundtrack, dull environments and uninteresting companions. Subsequent playthroughs are pretty much the same as your first one (You have to do 5 for the :platinum:). The best part was naming your character and even I got bored with that:


At least I turned a heartfelt goodbye into a condescending farewell.

Difficulty: 2/10

Enjoyment: 2/10


I initially had planned going for the vita version as well, and doing them back-to-back. After the second playthrough I deleted the game from the vita...


2 playthroughs would have been more than enough really, and like you said those 5 playthroughs are essentially the same. I can´t fathom, why the deves thought 5 would be enjoyable to do. That amount isn't fun to push through even if it's a great game.


Anyways... off to better things.


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