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Dead space 3 co op was a nightmare to get a reliable partner but still got it done. Also this game was the worse in the series without a doubt.


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#181 - The incredible (bad) adventures of van Helsing


Well, it is a long time ago since I was so glad a game was finally finished. I have literally no idea how anyone can say that this game is better than D3. It is okay, but man, this was a pain in the ass for me. Not because it is difficult or something, but it has so many minor things that are just badly designed that I really started to hate this game. Phew. 


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40-platinum.png F1 2017


Trophy Collector 
Acquire every trophy in F1 2017


Well, this is a 100+ hours platinum but nothing difficult, only long grind.

 The game is very enjoyable and it was fun to do

maybe a little tedious only for online trophies.


Enjoyment 8.5/10

Difficult: 5/10




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1 hour ago, Ala-Arska said:

Ace the Bat-Hound? WTF?


Ace the Bat-Hound is classic!


Well, not really. He was a lousy add-on to Batman (even by Golden Age standards), hoping to capitalize off of Krypto from Superman. In fact, the whole Bat-Family was pretty lame. But it's kind of cool to me that he appears there.


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40-platinum.png  Nubla, Plantinium.  (Yes, that's how the game spells it.)


I've been stock piling quick games for a little while, and began completing them with Nubla.


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:platinum: Platinum #153: Vostok Inc (PS4)



The One Percent


Devs overestimated Plat difficulty? 


Pretty easy platinum especially with the latest patch smoothing out end game money grind. After patch I was earning 8 times as much.


No point then, as I had gotten most of the trophies. 


Very addicting, it easy to spend plenty of hours just upgrading your buildings. Unlike other clicker games, you can earn money from killing enemies, shooting asteroids. No need to wait for your moolah. Investors double what you currently hold....flew around doing stuff tilling I saw a yellow pointer on the map. Either get an Manager (3% Permaboost until you die), Investor (Double Current Wallet), or Adviser( 777% boost for 30 seconds).


 I used cloud save to abuse myself out of locked battles or losing money from death. 


20 hours for the platinum. The mini games trophies are easier than the ones in Hungry Horde. The only one that might take some effort the woodchuck trophy. If you get into a zone, should be able to complete it with ease.


I blame this game for getting me into playing Clicker Heroes and Adventure Capitalist.


Enjoyment: 7


Difficulty: 4


Rating: 7

Platinum 151-2: Energy Cycle....
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