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Just finished hunting a huge supporter and multiple platinum earner of cabela's games (6 or 7 in total) I couldn't turn this down unfortunately it fell flat as most of the cool features only work on easy difficulty... And being the savvy trophy hunter I am of course had to earn the stacked (thank God they stacked) difficulty trophies all in all not a terrible game but a tedious platinum nonetheless... Will plat tales from borderlands by weekend 


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platinum #204 The Book Of Unwritten Tales (ps4)

completed in 4 days and 8 hours

platinum rarity 34.99% uncommon

platinum name: master of unwritten tales


finished this one before the night was over, i'm going to start on hatoful boyfriend next as i seemed to have found the guide that should help me get all the endings (the one on pstrophy isn't reliable) enough for me still have plan to begin dynasty warriors 6 empires that one is next on the platinum list (after that i will look at last/next weeks game to decide where to go from there).


before all that i need to get some sleep, the weekend is coming.

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