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Shining Skeleton






Shocktober / Horror / Halloween Platinum #2


Not much to say about this one.  It's got a skeleton.  It's your classic "Save the Princess" type platformer.

Just like the old classic 2D games but with the Vita touch.

There's some puzzle type levels; move a lever, push a box, stand on a switch.

There's some action type levels; kill the demons, kill the slimes, dodge the spikes and traps.

There's some boss levels of course, too! Down with you Demon King Minions!

I did enjoy drawing on the screen with chalk too. :-)


Enjoyment: 7.5 / 10

Difficulty: 4 / 10


Last and not least, there's boss levels of course!


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#218 - Late Shift



Was alright overall. Definitely better than The Bunker. The acting in this one was a bit of a mixed bag as well. The female protagonist was fairly good, while the performance of the male one was good on some occasions and weak during others. The subtitles also didn't reflect what was actually said on occasion and the music/effects were recorded too loud that it almost makes the voices inaudible at times (lowering the music volume did bugger all and general volume lowers the voices as well so it's useless).


Enjoyment: 6.5

Difficulty: 2



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