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14 hours ago, Superbuu3 said:

:platinum: #183: Sheltered


Hardcore Survivalist
Unlock all Trophies


I played this game due to the similarity between this and 'This War of Mine: The Little Ones' and another game in the Team17 bundle (I think I have obtained all the platinums in that bundle now). Its another shelter management although this has light RPG elements with basic turn based combat. Another platinum that would've been impossible without a guide thanks to @Pikachu without the advice of choosing the Goldfish and even if I did I don't think I'd have found the connection as to how that would crack the code. If you liked This War of mine you'd likely like this, if you don't like micromanagement stay far away. There's a steep learning curve in this game, but once you get past a certain point youll find it a complete joke in terms of difficulty, although boss fights are horrible, but they can be completely avoided.


Congrats on getting the platinum! :D Thank you for using my guide and I'm glad that I managed to help you with getting the platinum! :D 


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14 hours ago, starcrunch061 said:

PLAT #240







Toughest Soul Trophy

All Trophies Obtained


Well, the EU Bladestone quest finally came to an end, after 211 Black Skeleton kills. I now have all Souls trophies.


By the way, what the hell is that thing in the image? I don't remember seeing anything like that in the game.



Man - you really had my hopes up for this. I have nothing but fond memories for Bushido Blade!


It's your sanity flying away after grinding the pure bladestone 😂

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