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:platinum: #181 - LittleBigPlanet 3


I finally got around to this after it being free on Plus back in February. This was also the first of 10 plats for my Sony Rewards thing (GO ‘MURICA 🇺🇸)


I have to say this is the easiest and worst of the LBP games in my opinion. It didn’t have the same charm the first two did; which I chalk up to Media Molecule not developing it, in a similar fashion of Dark Souls 2 missing Miyazaki. Overall I’m glad it was free and that all I paid for was the dlc.


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Plat 48. Killing Floor 2. Amazing coop game, I cant recommend it enough. Thank You to all the amazing randoms for compensating for my shitty FPS abilities!


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:platinum: #137 Truck Racer


Enjoyment: 2/10

Difficultly: 1/10


Not really much to say about this game managed to get the platinum in about 6 hours.  

The time trials didn't seem anywhere near as hard as I thought they might be.


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14 minutes ago, Mah2c said:

As a 3rd person survival game expect tons of chilling moments and tons to collect and loot, dead space introduced new ways to the genre, such as numerous no gravity segments, beautiful isolation and excellent score.

In the end, Dead Space still manages to delivers a fantastic experience almost a decade since release. Even trough the series suffered greatly for being part of EA, matter of fact was abandoned because of their greedy ways, we can't deny that his legacy will forever remain among those that managed to survive this twinkle twinkle little star of a game.


Great job on Dead Space. One of my favorite horror games, but a shame I never got around to playing it back in 2008.


Hope you play through Dead Space 2. I'm actually planning to play that game after I finish Bloodborne. Hardcore difficulty will of course be hard but after six years and a lot of tips and strategies, I don't think it will be that bad.


Also got Dead Space Extraction but not sure when I'll be playing that. Don't know if I'll ever get Dead Space 3. I don't like the idea of playing through a whole entire playthrough with a partner, since I've had people bail on me in the past with various online games.


I can't stand EA. Them shelving Maxis was basically my breaking point.


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