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#230 - Bound


This is a game that has interested me for quite a while now, but never enough to buy it when it was on sale (which it has been, many times). Thanks to PS+, I finally had the chance to play it, and I'm very glad I did. The controls take a while to get used to, but once you do they're extremely satisfying, and the levels are perfectly constructed around your moveset with plenty of secrets to find for speedrunning and collectibles. The trophy guide overstates the difficulty and time estimate quite a bit imo, it's more like a 6-7/10 and about 10-20 hours. Certainly not 40. Speedrunning the levels reminded me a lot of Mirror's Edge time trials, despite the two games being very different. The level design in both is incredible and really shines when you try to do them as fast as you can. I am very thankful for the patch that lets you skip cutscenes though. Would be rather grating watching everything over and over each attempt, and I'm not sure I'd be capable of even doing the time trials if they were mandatory to watch. With the ability to skip, the balance of challenge and leniency is perfect. I was going to save this game for a milestone, but I'm glad I didn't. It was worth jumping into straight away instead.

Also it's my first platinum below 1% rarity, and I made it into the top 50 fastest and got the #2 spot, so that's pretty neat.

I definitely recommend this game to people with PS+, especially if you have an interest in 3D platformers.


Maybe I ought to go after this then.


I got 5th place in fastest times in Velocity 2X and I didn't really even try that hard at getting it.


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My Name is Mayo! (My name is Mayo)


The voices told me to do it. That's the only excuse I have.

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Platinum #22 Middle Earth - Shadow of Mordor

Not a bad game but not perfect neither. It took me around 20 hours for platinum. I do expect more from the Shadow of War :)


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