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:platinum: Platinum #184: Dragon Sinker (Vita)




Homage to Dragon Warrior. 


Oddly has Micro transactions. Unnecessary as you get 1000 DRP to spend on Equitable Boosts (200-300) that do the same thing. Each battle can drop 5DRP.


I used it on 100% XP and 100% Job Points Bonus Equips. Did not bother with changing Jobs as you get one of each anyways. Mastering a Job gets you a Scroll (max 1 per a type of Job). Used it all of my main character. 


Difficulty scales up midway. First 15 hours were easy (played on Normal Diff).


Then when I got to OP Hidden Final Boss (got merked). Had to change to easy and grind for 15 hours (few of those AFV) collecting Dream Frags & Crystals to exchange for Perma Stat boosts.


Thankfully when you die, you can retry, swap to your other 2 teams or spend 100 DRP to fully review the team from where the battle left off.


Difficulty: 4


Enjoyment: 6


Rating: 7




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40-platinum.pngPlat 78 40-platinum.png


Big Adventurer
Obtain all trophies

 93.46% Common  :platinum:

Fastest Platinum - Completed in 23 minutes, 3 seconds



Wow that game was terrible. Easy, stupid and terrible. 😂


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(:platinum: 43)  FIFA 15

Football Legend




Enjoyment:   9/10

Extra Effort:  :shakefist:/10

Difficulty:      5/10


Wooooooooo, finally!


Really, f*ck Extra Effort. That idiotic bronze trophy should never have been in the game. It sounded so simple – just score off the ground and trigger a certain animation. But it’s so luck-based that even after hundreds of hours of playing, most people don’t unlock it naturally. The developers specifically added the animation into the game, but it’s so f*cking difficult to trigger that only 7 out of 1000 people ever get to see it – and that’s including the trophy hunters :jaymon:. And then it becomes the last trophy you need and you have to spend hours just tackling your keeper hoping that the ball will land at the exact right place. After trying out a lot of different tips and tricks I read online, I finally found a technique that worked for me and unlocked the trophy within an hour. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad. No I’m kidding, I’m really happy, but still – f*ck that trophy. –End rant.


FIFA itself is pretty much what you expect it to be. I only buy the game once every 4/5 years, but when I do I absolutely love playing it. One thing I didn’t expect to like as much as I did was the Ultimate Team aspect. It was my first time playing that mode and I loved the progression aspect, where you can slowly buy better players that you personally like and can create the ultimate team that you want. However, I had a lot of players that I liked, but I never could match them well and keep a high chemistry because they were from different teams and countries. Ah well, give and take I guess.


Mostly, I just love creating me and my friends as players, putting them in a local team and then playing through a lot of different seasons. It’s sort of Guitar Hero but for football – makes you feel like you and your friends are a real team. It’s a sort of fun that I very rarely get with another type of game and I can spend hours creating all of my friends and adjusting their stats to represent their real-life counterparts. As always, they do a great job with the commentary and I just love the general feel of the game. I’m usually pretty bad when I start out, but I got a lot better near the end – though by know I’ve forgotten most, if not all, of what I had learned. Ah well, I guess I’ll learn it again when I get a new one 



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