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Energy invasion 


For some reason the EU PS4 version was impossible compared to the others. Out of all the games from the sometimes you crew this is the worst of the lot. This game is so broken its unplayable for the most part! It would be alot easier if it worked like it was supposed to. 


Difficulty 5 (for the constant glitches) 

Enjoyment 1

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#46 Terminator Salvation 

lololol when you're pushing for that 50th Trophy and you start playing BS games



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40 minutes ago, Jesaya815 said:

:platinum:  #265 Enslaved: Odyssey to the West






Platinum Trophy

Collect all ENSLAVED™ trophies.


Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is somewhat of a forgotten gem. In an era where so many games get a remastered version, a prequel or a sequel, no one seems to remember or at least care a bit about this masterpiece. It's a damn shame, because Enslaved has everything one could wish for. The post apocalyptic story is really compelling and constantly throws tidbits at you in a "Planet of the Apes" kind of way. The biggest question I had while playing was luckily answered at the end. Some things though will probably stay a mystery forever now. The two main characters - Monkey and Trip - are very loveable as well. Their journey begins by sheer coincidence and quite unwillingly, but it soon evolves into so much more.


I can also praise the beautiful graphics and facial expressions. For a game from 2010, it still looks better than a lot of games we get these days. The only slight critic I have would be about the controls. There's no auto-aim to target a specific enemy and the camera made the harder parts even more frustrating than they already were. Because of things like that, fighting a bunch of mechs became more annoying than finding and collecting all the orbs, or replaying certain chapters just to try the time-based trophies again.


Just ordered this off of Amazon. I have to wonder if this is a hidden gem much like Vanquish or if it's simply one in it's own category.


That being said I haven't been all that impressed with this generation. It seems to be a copy of the PS3/360 generation with better graphics and a bigger open world landscape to play in. All the remasters tell me that developers are running out of ideas.


I hear the collectibles can be difficult though.


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