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#47 Energy Invasion

:platinum: Energy Invasion Platinum :platinum:



Cool concept, horribly executed. The controls were so stiff and the level design was repetitive, the whole game felt like playing a long level. The music was kind of annoying, I'm a producer myself and I like various styles of music but this was just bad. Whatever was left in the game to enjoy was overshadowed by the huge amount of glitches.  


Enjoyment: 1/10

Difficulty: 3/10 


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2 hours ago, Tommy_G_24 said:

Atari Flashback Classics vol.1 40-platinum.png


Platinum #50

Ultra Rare - 0.77%


Much easier than vol.2.  Only a couple of trophies took some time.  I really hope they make a vol.3.  I started my video game life on Atari.  Just love these old school games. 

Difficulty 7/10.  


I’m a bit scared to do these games. I thought about picking both volumes up once I finish Super Meat Boy. But those trophies look pretty brutal.


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I haven't posted here in about three years, so don't want to bore anyone with a wall of text. You only get the last three 😄


#125 - Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (vita)



:platinum:All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything 


 Enjoyed beating the living hell out of some well known playstation characters. 

Shoutout to Korngamer24 for the help with the online trophies. Greatly appreciate it!



#124 Need for Speed Most Wanted (vita)




:platinum:None More Wanted


Once again another game I played and 100%'ed on the PS3 years ago.

Thought it honestly looked kind of strange graphics wise at first (compared to the console version)

but quickly got used to it. Needle point was a good challenge again 😁



#123 Tom Clancy´s Hawx




:platinum:Validated Aspirations


I have never played a flight "simulator"/arcade game before. It was honestly really fun and felt very refreshing.

It was quite a grind to get all the multiplayer trophies though. At least a good 30 hours or so.

Shoutout to Zeuz_ofthe_aegis and Cardionic for the great time of boosting this game.

Couldn't have done it without you guys.



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