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Did a clear out of quick platinum backlog after getting mhw and gow to 1 trophy from platinum each


#33 Energy Cycle VITA


#34 Little Adventure on the Prairie VITA

For the story 😂


#35/#36/#37 36 Fragments of Midnight

I actually enjoyed this game, honestly didn't think I'd enjoy it that much but it surprised me.


#38/#39 Nubla/World of Nubla

Got them cheap ages ago figured that'd be a good filler before the #40


#40 God of War

As semi-new to the series(I played about 2h of the first one at my cousins house when it first came out) I loved every moment of this game, from the stories in the boat to completely tearing enemies appart bare handed.. even with how difficult the Valkyrie Queen was. I have very high expectations and hype for the upcoming games.







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