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Did a little tidying up yesterday





The alien

who is who?


A game I started ages ago but made me feel super motion sick but failed it another go, was clunky, easy and short but I think it was made by one guy so kudos to him


#252 Nubla . EU




You have been awarded the platinum trophy.



Terrible game I’d missed one collectible ages ago but really couldn’t be bothered to go back, but at least the lock puzzle didn’t glitch on me this time





Chizzy Chizzy Bang Bang 
All trophies for Edo Blossoms obtained


was a rental, was easy as to be expected by a VN but missed one game over so went through every Game over using a guide and still didn’t get it, so went through again it was the 2nd one 😒



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Plat #283: Energy Invasion




Energy Invasion Platinum

Good job! Completed all tasks!


The "developer" of this game should be ashamed of himself/herself. Seriously - this could have been a fun 3 hour diversion, but instead, it's El Stinko. There is zero challenge to the game; the only thing that could possibly hold someone back from the plat is the completely random nature of the "energy ball" or whatever the hell it is. Spiral Splatter (published by the same schlock jock) was at least a moderately fun game for the few hours necessary for the plat. This game was a complete joke from start to finish.


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40-platinum.png #204 40-platinum.png




Grim Legends 3: The Dark City


More Artifex Mundi and I'm now back up to date again. The usual hidden object scenes and puzzles galore. They jazzed up the trophy list a little bit for this one by adding trophies for completing certain mini games in under 3 minutes which was a nice change. As with most of their games there is also a bonus chapter to complete for a few other trophies. As always I really enjoyed it. The pacing of these games is actually really nice after a long day at work. They're relaxing to play.


Burly Men At Sea is next up for me on my Vita during my work commute :)


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