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Platinum #130

The Wolf Among Us (PS4)




Full Moon
Earned every Trophy in every episode of The Wolf Among Us.


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:platinum: Platinum #216: The Long Reach  (PSV)




Apart from loading between chapter and deaths, it ran well. After it loaded, moving between area is instant.


Easy 2 hour platinum.


No Cross Buy or Cross Save.


:platinum: Platinum #217-8: Sigi: A Fart for Melusina (PSV/PS4)




30-60 Minute Platinum


I made sure to back my save every 2 levels, unsure if your best effort for a level is captured for the 30 Min 100% speed-run. 


Finished in 22 min on the Vita, and 24 min on the PS4. Very doable. 


4 Stacks, should show up on Sept 4th 2018.


No Cross Buy or Cross Save.


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1 hour ago, monkeydluffy512 said:

:platinum: #275


Apex Predator

Far Cry Primal


I made the mistake of starting this game after finishing Far Cry 4, and was

instantly put off by the lack of my sniper rifle among other things. So I put the

game down for a few months. When I finally got back to it I was able to enjoy

it properly, and had a lot of fun playing this game.



Finished this just a few hours before you, monkey. An easy and enjoyable plat, but grinding for skill points became tedious and took a whole day.


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1 hour ago, Sergen said:

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite: Platinum #121

Difficulty: 2/10

Time Taken: 16 hours



This is my final Marvel vs. Capcom platinum, now I have them all :D. This game was the easiest of them all and took the least amount of time, but it was also the most boring one. The style of this game is garbage, I preferred the way the other games look. I only need to 100% Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to have 100% in the whole series, so I will start and finish it soon. The leniency this game gives for mission mode is the most fair of them all and that's what makes it the easiest game in the series in my opinion, you only need to do 100 overall missions out of a total of 300 and you only need to complete every mission with 5 of the characters, there are enough characters for 5 of them to be easy. The characters I did all the missions for here Haggar, Frank West, Iron Man, Ultron and Ghost Rider, they don't have any annoying inputs for their missions, except Frank's 10th mission but otherwise everyone else was a big joke. Every arcade mode run on this game can be done on Very Easy difficulty and I never lost any match because this game has auto-combos where you can spam square and obliterate your AI opponents. This game is the first of the series to feature a cinematic story mode, but I skipped every cutscene, luckily in this mode the auto combos help out a lot and the difficulty setting isn't high so I only lost about 2 matches in the whole thing, the stupid thing about the mode is that nothing you do in the story mode counts towards the offline trophies, except unlocking all the stages and unlocking titles and fighter card backgrounds. 


The online on this game is incredibly unfair and garbage and the reason I never went for the fastest time for this game is because I had to stay up all night to do the online and wanted to sleep after doing it. I played it in the early hours of the morning to avoid random people joining, because from experience randoms joining the lobby will make you lose about 5 wins worth of XP from a single loss. I got one random person to join me during that night but I beat them so my win streak wasn't affected. I also had a good friend using 2 PS4s himself and boosting the game at around the same time as me, we didn't run into each other enough, but when I got 11th rank and he got 12th, he power levelled me to 10th rank, then I returned the favour and donated my 10th rank to him, losing against a 12th rank until he got 10th rank made me lose the rank and get demoted down to 13th rank at the end of the night, so my 10th rank title was short-lived. . There are rumours that the servers for the game will shut in October 2018, while I don't believe that, I feel that it'll be a horrendous time for people to attempt to boost the game, because finding people is not ideal when you go for the online trophies. 


I at least kept the evidence in-case some stalking prick comes and sees I'm no-longer 10th rank, it's not an impressive feat that I'm 7th in the world for my win streak considering it was all boosted xD 




I decided to also keep my platinum screenshot, because ideally I managed to get a perfect against the final boss in my final run :D



Gotta say, I love reading your plat posts, especially since you choose such difficult games to do. Can't wait to see what you go for next!


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platinum #283 Putty Squad (ps4)

completed in 2 days and 24 minutes

platinum rarity 17.53% rare

platinum name: Hero


platinum #284 Spiral Splatter

completed in 2 hours and 37 minutes

platinum rarity 66.97% common

platinum name: spiral splatter platinum


after finishing both of these games despite taking a quick nap now it's onto the next game. i really destroyed the hell out of spiral splatter say's it can take up to 3-4 hours to platinum.  next game up will be cosmic star heroine (vita) trying to head back to my musou game as fast as possible.

Edited by kingdrake2

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Platinum #8


Latest pick up

Difficulty: 4/10

Enjoyment: 7/10


First FIFA game in years. Found it quite enjoyable for the most part, only downside is that the journey feels quite repetitive but it is a repetitive game by nature. The cut scenes were well executed with some pretty good voice acting. Overall a solid game! Looking forward to 19!

Edited by Barbell-Disciple

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:platinum: #42 - Resistance: Burning Skies




Difficulty: 2/10

Enjoyment: 5/10

Time to Platinum: 10 Hours


I recently got a Playstation Vita and decided to make Resistance: Burning Skies my first vita platinum since I absolutely love first person shooters. Unfortunately the game was extremely dull and boring and I honestly wouldn't recommend it.




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