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:platinum: 1.65% :platinum:

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3 hours ago, TraumaticChain6 said:

I had some fun with this game but at the end I was just so annoyed by it. It's a shame because Hitman was sneaking it's way to be in my top 10 gaming franchises but this entry didn't really help to push it further up the list. Still excited to play the rest of the series!

You will probably really like Blood Money and Absolution. I played through all of them in about a 2 week span, and this was the only one that annoyed the crap out of me. And I see you did the same as me, and played Contracts first. Lol. Hitman 2 is actually the first game in the collection, and the oldest. The others show noticeable improvement after this one. 


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:platinum:Platinum #10 Fullblast

Difficulty: 0.25/10

Enjoyment: 0.01/10

Rarity: 97.4%


I am embarrassed to say that this is my most recent Platinum trophy. I decide to purchase this game to see what it was like, I beat the first 3 levels and defeated all the required enemies and got the plat in 38 minutes. This game wasn't fun at all, and was a complete waste of money but it was my most recent platinum. My plat before this was LA Noire Remastered. I do not recommend this game even if you are a top down shooter fan who likes to fly aircraft. Horrible, just horrible.

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On ‎9‎/‎09‎/‎2018 at 7:55 PM, Radenthladon said:

:platinum: #48 Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2)





Past, Present, and Future


Difficulty: 5/10

Enjoyment: 10/10

Estimated Time to Platinum: 80-100+ Hours


Well i finally managed to complete it! I remember when i was a kid, i couldn't finish it on ps2 and lost many missable photos and so on. I gotta say that i am surprised and very happy that i finally completed this gem! I decided to add this platinum trophy as my 2.000 trophy milestone. I loved every bit of it...I only disliked this frustrating Spheda mini the game trolled me very hard and many times but in the end, it couldn't stop me! Haha. I will wait for the new Dark Cloud 3 hopefully... Oh i also managed to be top 3! Yay! :D


The game itself is easy cause as you can do the lure glitch on chapter 8 and makes it easier to max out the weapons.. Without it, the platinum could be over 200-300 hours..

One advice for you is to read a guide to take all photos, get as many medals as you can early to save time and finally about that monster leveling...well there is no easy way to get leave it on chapter 7 Moonflower palace and finally on Zelmite Mine to get to 76.

Congrats on this plat!


I have the gold medal trophy to go and the only ones I missing are the item ones in Zelmite Mine and Ocean's Roar Cave. I am 120 hours in and the game crashes when I try to make bombs in the dungeon. So I am farming Germons to get items to kill them easier. Just can't bring myself to play for another 20 hours to get 11 medals.

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