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Second Achiever!(Rip, I thought I was first, but someone got it a couple hours before me :giggle:)
This game is really fun when you play with friends in local, I recommend it. It's still another Super SmashBros Ripoff tho'. Grindy as hell 😴. I can't lie, i'm happy it's finally done. I'm not going to touch the game for a looong time lol.

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platinum #290 Soul Axiom (ps4)

completed in 4 days 20 hours

platinum rarity 21.29% uncommon

platinum difficulty 3/10 with guide, end boss fight 5/10. 


finally got that done. final boss gave me a whipping multiple times it took well over 4 hours to down her :(. next games will be unmechanical extended (ps3) and jak and daxter: the precursor legacy (vita)



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King Blob



*sigh* Another trophy list that taints an otherwise passable game.


I remember hearing quite a bit about De Blob when it was first announced for the Wii way back when. I don't remember WHAT exactly I heard about it, but to me, it kinda felt like a game that, despite being marketed as using the Wii to its fullest potential, looked like more of a novelty or gimmick purchase for the console than an actual game that would stand the test of time.


And yeah, that's kinda what it is. The lukewarm reception of its sequel that ported over to other systems speaks to that.


So yeah, what's here is fine for a rental, maybe one playthrough, but that's it. You roll around painting bright colorful artistic stuff, avoiding the enemies, etc. There's a story, but its pretty inconsequential, so no character is annoying.


If you are going for the plat though, prepare for some headaches. Yeah, this is a list that requires to time trials. and battle challenges. And to paint everything. It asks you to spend time with the game every way possible, which means little problems you would otherwise overlook start to pile up.


Firstly would be the camera; it is unfortunately one of your enemies, and one you'll be tangling with constantly. You are only allowed to move it horizontally, which becomes a problem, as there IS required platforming to proceed. Since you are a blob, you roll and stick to most any surfaces, and that can really mess up how you do your jumps, but it over basic obstacles or wall running, it seems like there's a random chance you may/may not succeed.


The way the fights are set up with enemies seems really unfair, as well. Your health is tied to your paint gauge, meaning you have to take care when painting around enemies. This would be all fine, if it weren't for the fact that enemies don't do damage like enemies normally do. Instead of their hits depleting a certain amount of health, ANY hit from ANY enemy will douse you in ink and will start draining your HP until you die. And it drains FAST; so fast, that you absolutely have to drop everything you are doing and scamper around frantically trying to find ways to heal yourself. This really hurts the flow of the game, and becomes annoying hen you try to aim for the best times.


Now, I'm not saying it's a ball buster. The 4/10 seems justified. It's just, by the time I was done, I was DONE, and I do not want to go anywhere near the sequel.

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Difficulty 6/10

Enjoyment 8/10

Time 60-80 hours (skill dependant)


Highly recomend for any fan of hack n'slash games/ character action games. 


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