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10 minutes ago, Larx said:

So pleased I gave it a shot at last. <3


Don't you mean a pheromone shot? 😎


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:platinum:#97 JACK N' JILL DX



Platinum Jack N' Jill 
Get all the trophies


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:platinum: 88

Sniper : Ghost Warrior 3




Finally finished this buggy mess. Game started off decent enough, but then the freezes, crashes started happening and it became less enjoyable. Side missions didn't unlock on my first play through, so had to redo Campaign in order to hopefully get all side missions unlocked, as well as a weapon attached to one of the last side quests.


Bullet cam was awesome, using Armor Piercing rounds caused their heads to explode in super slo mo, (cool if you like that stuff). 


I realize now what/where I went wrong and what caused the crashes. It's the games way of letting you know you're trying to progress too fast. 2nd time around, I went to do a side mission, game crashed, when I restarted, I cancelled side quest and continued on with main missions and game didn't freeze crash until I got Plat.


I enjoyed it mostly, just sucks when games bug out and prevent you finishing it and having to redo campaign.All guns, collectibles are at least shown on map, so although a few and some in obscure places that are tricky to get to, at least you have an idea where they.


Difficulty - 3/10

Enjoyment - 6/10




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:platinum: Platinum #51: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PSVR)

Game Score: 7/10

 Platinum Difficulty: 7/10


Not a bad game. Pretty fun VR title. The platinum is only difficult if you don't use the cloud save cheat on psychotic difficulty, and even so, it's still a pretty difficult thing to get through because of the iffy tracking on PSVR. Worth checking out though!

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