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Platinum Jack N' Jill - Get all the trophies


I'm not even sorry...


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7 hours ago, Katt said:


:platinum: Platinum :platinum:
Earn all Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ Remastered Trophies


Ahhhh, it was nice to play this game again. No it wasn't. Brutal difficulty is stupid at some points. I mean, look at this:


ok, bye. (I need to continue my suffering with U2 and U3)

It saddens me that Naughty Dog didn't bother to playtest Brutal difficulty. This is why I'm worried about ever doing that difficulty, since UC2 has the walking simulator chapter, where you have to carry the injured cameraman...and UC3 with the bridge...


I suggest, if you do the save exploit (for infinite ammo) to do so either after getting all collectibles done, or back up your hard/crushing save for UC2, since that's probably what fucked my collectibles up. 

18 hours ago, TheNoob_PT said:

#13 - Final Fantasy XV






Don't know if I'll do the DLCs and stuff, but I feel compelled to...

Grats. It's been months since I last played FFXV, but I already know fishing's gonna be the worst hassle for me. 


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#57 Celeste - wonderful game - anyone who gets all 175 strawberries without assist mode is a better gamer than me


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10 hours ago, RedRodriguez87 said:



Retro God



Phew! They weren't kidding when they said the challenges were a BITCH. But hey, not enough of one to keep from platting this in less than a day.


Truth be told, I had problems with ALL the beat em ups, both challenge-based and normal. Yeah, they are classics to many, but DAMN they play terribly nowadays. Especially Golden Axe. I would have said we must have been starved for beat-em-ups back then to even hold this series in high regard, but c'mon, we had games like Captain America and TMNT. Sure, they came much later, but after they did, we should have should just let the others in the dust. Eh, for all I know though, it's just the porting downgrades that annoyed me, and the arcade versions are still great.


Yeah I know what you mean. Golden Axe doesn't hold up all too well. One of the challenges has you killing two big dudes who just destroy you, took me 20+ tries to get down.


Streets of Rage 2 is hands down one of the best Sega Genesis games, up there with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. I was pissed when I found that neither Ecco the Dolphin nor Sonic 3 were in this collection, probably due to licensing issues. I know Michael Jackson played a part in Sonic 3, maybe that had something to do with it being missing.


Brought back lots of good memories though. Starting to miss those simpler times, before DLC existed and before you had to update all of your damn games to the latest patch version. Gets annoying after a while.

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3 hours ago, Armored Squirrel said:

This is why I'm worried about ever doing that difficulty

Do it with the exploit (enable cheats in Brutal without finishing it first), DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT IT. It's not Brutal, it's "I hate myself and I want to die" difficulty. Even with the exploit, it's so freaking hard, there are several areas later in the game in which you don't even have the time to aim because it's full of shotguns. Your best bet is activate 1-hit kill, equip with a shotgun and shoot from cover without pressing L2. You can die doing that too, but is less risky.

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:platinum: Platinum # 37-50




Ah jeez. I think I may, just a tiny bit, went overboard in getting some platinums guys. So, I've decided to dust off my PS Vita and tackle some of the games I've played. It would take me a long time to really just describe each game but the highlights for me were Batman: Enemy Within, Wolf Among Us (I got it the first time on PS3 and now currently going to aim for the Vita version) and Hitman Go, just to name a few. Everything else was easy. Very, very easy.


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Platinum Jack N' Jill 
Get all the trophies


Yea, well... yea. Ok.



end sleep 
すべてのトロフィーを獲得し、「end sleep」を遊び尽くした証。お疲れ様でした(´∀`*)



Wow. Gotta say wow. My first eroge that was transformed into all-age so it could be released on Vita.

And I gotta say I was really surprised. The depth of the story is something I really wouldn't expect from something that presents itself as horror eroge.

On the other hand, it did feel lacking especially during those 'cut' scenes since they were part of the flow and actually missing them really made you feel like something was missing.

But damn, the overall story... that easily made you forget it was supposed to be a porn game. 

And together with it came the reading difficulty. The amount of inner monologue from eroge protagonist was intense. 

I did say that RoboNotes is really unfitting for reading but this was probably even worse. In fact, for me, it was the toughest challenge as of yet, however, I learned a solid amount of kanji again.


Anyway, the progress of this VN is really well done. You slowly uncover new and new information about the setting and you never feel like you are doing ending pointlessly. Especially Kayako's route was an info bomb I didn't expect. Especially after Shizuku route which felt kinda lacking in terms of information but it was pretty cute. Mainly because Shizuku was better than Kayako, oh well. 

But then, Sui and true ending... That's when the game really kickstarted and the best girl whose identity I kinda spoiled myself with game's CGs, finally had some screen time xD

Now, I'll probably find some time to check the PC version for all the experience.


Anyway, this quite tired me out, I'll probably take a break from unvoiced protagonist VNs xD


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