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platinum #301 Tesla Vs Lovecraft (ps4)

completed in 1 day and 20 hours

platinum rarity: 46.32% uncommon

platinum name: Omnipotence

game difficulty: 3/10 (the 3rd difficulty may pose some issues for some with constant retry's. otherwise mostly easy).


took a bit longer than i anticipated trying to win the game on the 3rd difficulty constantly gotten clobbered or having bad luck on perks/weapons still a great twin shooter. next game will be beyond eyes (ps4) going to include a game purchased this week as a non-plat and grim legends 3: the dark city (ps4) kinda glad the sale happened i have something much more exciting no offense to the VR titles that we're planned.

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The last time I posted here it was May, and I was at 12 Platinums. Now I'm at 14.
13: Jak X
... Terrible. Terrible, grinding, awful and disappointing. Excluding Jak TPL, which I had played last November, I had played every Jak game starting with Jak 2 in March, going on with Jak 3 and, then, with Jak X. Out of all the Jak games, Jak X was the one that disappointed me the most: terrible, so random, if you lost a race it was not because you were playing bad, but because of the randomness of this game. What were you supposed to do, if you were about to be hit by a Piece Maker at 10 seconds away from the end of the race? My god, such bad memories...
14: Tekken 6
I had planned the Platinum Trophy of Tekken 6, called Tekken Fanatic, to be my 1000th Trophy, and in the end I made it! I had already played Tekken 6 on the Xbox 360 some years ago, and as a huge Tekken fan, I consider Tekken 6 as one of the best games of the franchise. The only thing bad about this game is that the Online is really laggy, but you can understand that, since this game is 9 years old.
King of the Road: 22.96%
Tekken Fanatic: 12.76%
Currently working on Heavy Rain (Ps4) and Street Fighter X Tekken (Ps3)
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Plat #22 

Super stardust ultra


Difficulty 4.5/10

Enjoyment 7/10

3rd plat in as many days, the other 2 were near enough ready to pop though. I started this last night and finished tonight. Gonna do the dlc sometime this week to get it up to 100% 

Mostly straightforward trophies but 3 or 4 might have you tearing your hair out.


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#119 - Shenmue 2


The second part was even better then the first, overall i had more fun playin then on the first part. The qte's was fun as hell. Dat 3 dudes u had to defeat at kowloon to improve the scout, i guess they used the movesets from ,Jeffrey , Wolf, and Sarah from VT. Im looking forward for Shenmue 3. Now i understand the hype bk at old times around Shenmue . Its a masterpiece !!!. 


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