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7 hours ago, zeit86geist said:


Lego DC Super-Villains



Here's to Mischief


Collect all the trophies



+heroe characters are also available

+challenges are less annoying

+less minikits

+nice voice acting


-same old lego game (no new game mechanics, same gameplay as every other lego game)

-can't place the map cruser marker anywhere except infospots (annoying for the challenges)



last lego game for a while. as much as i love lego games, TT have to step their game up. no new  game mechanics, no nothing except for the old gameplay with a different skin. at this point even EA games and FIFA are innovative. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

4 different trophy lists is plenty innovative, what you talking about? /s


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1 minute ago, fabiansc83 said:


Yeah, seems pretty bad right? But i enjoyed this gamemaybe cause i spent just $1 in this, maybe cause i loved dragon´s dogma, the witcher and skyrim and this game feels pretty similar, maybe i played it with the right mood, i dont know...



I enjoyed it as well, if you're still in the mood for similar games check out Risen 3 Titan Lords: Enhanced Edition, if you can get it on sale it's quite similar to Arcania.


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