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Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders


Another enjoyable point & click adventure from Artifex Mundi. The scenes in this game were gorgeous to look at with the game being set in Persia and it follows a similar structure to their other games. One playthrough for the Platinum with hidden object puzzles and mini games to solve, rune battles, plus a set of collectables to pick up.


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platinum #310 Iron Crypticle (ps4)

completed in 1 day and 5 hours

platinum rarity 23.42% uncommon

platinum name: Iron Master 

game difficulty: 4/10 (gotta have a second controller or the difficulty will be 9/10, only a true gaming god could take it down with one credit).


game was tough as nails no joke if don't have a second controller. at the end on the final boss i had 13 fists used them all on the final boss and made it to phase 3 then rushed to get to the weapons to knock the HP to zero, a boss game has appeared and the next one will be Zero Escape: Zero TIme Dillema (vita) this one will take slightly over 30 hours anyway so it gets picked.

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:platinum: #124 - Noir Chronicles: City of Crime






Unlock every Trophy.


Enjoyment: 7/10

Difficulty: 2/10


Another great offering from Artifex Mundi. It's nice to see they're releasing some of their other titles for PS4.

Noir Chronicles was actually rather good and the puzzles aren't too frustrating (except the 'dodge the guards' one - the controls are awful!)

The voice acting was terrible, especially by the guy who voiced Alfred Fox (the main protagonist).

Only one playthrough required (as long as you play on Expert mode) and you don't need to play the extra episode to get the platinum.

If you've never played an Artifex Mundi game, I would recommend starting with Nightmares from the Deep.

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