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The Inner World - PS4 (#137)


Point and click adventure that never quite clicked for me. Was initially very off-put by the art style, humor and story. It did grow on me a bit, but was never really a solid connection for me.  The puzzles are not very intuitive, but the game isn't very difficult due to the hint system. ::shrug:


99Vidas - PS4 (#138)


Great action brawler akin to Streets of Rage, etc. Too bad the road to the platinum is one of grueling monotony. The characters are not diverse enough to warrant having to max them all out and finish the game with each. The difficulties are also painful. Thankfully, thanks to a tip in the EU forum to just farm lives from the beginning of "Izzy" difficulty all the way up to Elite was finally able to finish up this platinum.  So very glad to be done with this one.


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#183: Showdown Completion




Ah, what better way to spend Thanksgiving than to doing puzzles with the family.


The plat is done, but the games continue!


Enjoy the holiday the best you can, peeps.


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1 hour ago, JaM said:
Got this game from a previous sale, haven't heard of the game beforehand and when I've read that it is also made by the one that made Revenant Saga. I bought it since I really liked Revenant Saga.


Check out Revenant Dogma, pretty much the same thing with a different cast of characters.


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