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On 12/16/2018 at 11:45 AM, JaM said:





Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds
Does This Mean I Can Go Outside Now...? 
Obtained all trophies.
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As always, huge thanks to @Leon Hasegawa for very useful walkthrough for TocS and great guide for Demon Gaze. Also thanks to @Alternatewarning for Hakuoki's guide. Lastly, Shout out to @Crimson Idol for having Vita's event to celebrate it's birthday.


Once again, I have to celebrate me and Vita's Birthday by popping plats. 


It is my second time to play Hakuoki. What I wanted the most after finishing it is for Yamazaki to have his own route. And I guess my wish was granted. So far, my fave routea are: Yamazaki, Harada and Kazama. Since I have played the original game, I was not really excited to play Edo Blossom since I already knew how will it end.


Well, the day has just stated... And there is still another birthday celebrant this day so I will post here again later ^_^



Glad you enjoyed the guide and Hakuoki.  It's nice to hear of someone else who wanted Yamazaki to have his own route!

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13 minutes ago, DamagingRob said:

P.S. I should apologize to @Dragon-Archon for slaying so many of his kind. :P 


NOOOOOOOOOOOO, those poor dragons :jaymon: .


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10 hours ago, snakebit10 said:

that is difficult is the flying levels

I found that beating Spyro 2 first allowed me to have better grasp on the flight controls. But, of course I love Spyro 2 a lot (especially for hover, though I hate swimming).


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