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#67 - Overcooked 2

:platinum: Master Chef :platinum:




I had so much fun with this platinum, I played the whole game with my older brother and we had a blast. Coordination and communication is a must in this game, just like in a real kitchen.

It was super fun creating strategies when we faced the more challenging levels. The gameplay is super smooth and the level design is very creative, it doesn't have too many recipes but it makes it up with the many different level layouts. I also played it with my little cousin and he loved it, he had so much fun even when we got 0 stars on a level and that's rare because he usually gets super frustrated when he loses 😂 

The music of the game fits perfectly with every level and the art direction is very pleasant to the eyes, which is appreciated in a game where there is a lot happening on the screen. 

The online is lots of fun also and I had no problems finding players. 


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22 hours ago, GarciaFever said:



#184 Muramasa Rebirth


Ugh about time I got the platinum for this damn game. It's bad enough that I have to complete it within 3 hours (which is cutting it pretty damn close with my time of 2 hours and 56 minutes), but now you had to complete it on the hardest difficulty TWICE! What this means is that you only have 1 HP for the whole game, and if your swords break, then you're dead. The bosses are cheap as shit, especially when some of them run away like little bitches and constantly keep their distance.


Even the DLC is bullshit, more so with the third one, because the ninja's weapons are garbage! every time you swing the sickle around, it starts to slowly break, and by the time the enemy gets within distance to attack, you're already dead. Fuck this game!


Did you even like it originally? :(



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40-platinum.png  Platinum 125 40-platinum.png


Unlock every Trophy.

 81.83% Common




Finishing the Eventide trilogy.  ☺️

The original was my very first Artifex Mundi so I really wanted to play this.


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