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3 hours ago, Elvick_ said:

Platinum #158

Sound Shapes (PS Vita)


You've Gone Platinum
Complete all Death Mode and Beat School levels.


This will include quite a bit of bitching, so feel free to not read this at all [assuming people read anyway - though someone referenced one awhile ago so at least one person read one of these... I digress].

I never intended to use cross save to pop multiple versions of this game in the first place, but after that I'd lie if I said the temptation wasn't there. But the servers don't work, and I don't want this awful game on my profile more than once even if it did. I'm so glad to have this crap over with. I'm really annoyed when game designers don't seem to playtest their damn games. I guess the goal of the mode was to artificially inflate the game time. So the random failures outside of your control are by 'design' in a cynical attempt to make their game seem content filled. But that's hardly a good reason.


i try to read the ones for games ive played ahhaha


the auto pop works again btw, here's what i did

get a trophy

wait x amount of time past whatever your current fastest plat is

use cross save to pop the rest


then you wont have this trash as a milestone. thats why two of mine are separate from one. well, that and the fact the servers were down or busted over holiday.


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1 hour ago, DamagingRob said:

:platinum: #365- Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed



Advent of the Akiba God 
Obtained every trophy




it's apparently accurate to the point of modelling some guys godzilla figure he has in his window or something


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platinum #324 Enigmatis 3: The Shadow Of Karkhala (ps4)

completed in 16 hours and 34 minutes

platinum rarity 79.76% common

platinum name: Platinum.


1st of 6 planned games in this run. since i'm short on lego games we're going to have to get our guest character spyro to bring in one of his games and the next one will be Spyro The Dragon (ps4) might take all day to download but i'll find something to work on during this downtime.


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