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Enjoyment: 8.5 /10

Difficulty: 7 /10


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:platinum: #101: Apotheon

Two things surprised me about Apotheon: it's high number of game owners and it's low platinum completion rate. Was this a PS Plus free game at some point? I never heard of the game before. It was on sale for less than a fiver so I decided to pick it up. Aside from a few seemingly random game crashes, I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Story wise it was pretty standard, reminded me of the God of War games. The levels were laid out well, and I liked the artistic style of the game. The controls during combat felt a little clunky at times, and the in game physics were a bit odd. I found myself skipping as many fights as I could as the game progressed because the rewards given from dealing with a horde of  soldiers just didn't feel worthwhile. The weapon you get from Zeus makes the clean up an absolute breeze, and the silver trophies pop quickly when following a guide. You also pick up the majority of the lockboxes during these side quests. If it wasn't for the Olympian glitch I probably wouldn't have even got the platinum, the one playthrough was enough for me. My final play time was around 12 hours.


:platinum: #102: Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink


Standard Artifex Mundi game, except this one only required the one playthrough. Beginning to enjoy these point and clicks, they make a relaxing break from the usual games I'm used to. The plot was strange, which seems to be the norm from this developer. An enjoyable few hours.


:platinum: #103: Dark Arcana: The Carnival


That creepy background track is still stuck in my head... another point and click that I picked up cheap. This one required two playthroughs, but the game is short so I didn't mind. The trick of leaving just one hidden object on screen made those monaco puzzles a breeze. Really strange plot that is actually pretty dark and sinister.


:platinum: #104: Devious Dungeon


Another easy one from Ratalaika games. Pretty short sidescroller that caused no issues. The levels are randomly generated, and you must play through three in a row without dying to progress to the next set of three. The five boss battles are pretty easy, and only certain enemy types can cause problems. You purchase upgrades as you gather coins from breakable boxes and enemies scattered throughout the levels, and I had many upgrades still to purchase by the time I finished up with the game. The only trophy I had left after completing the game was to 'collect 100 keys', but that only took an extra half an hour of my time.


I noticed that I'm close to 5000 trophies and I've decided to coincide this milestone with me achieving (well, hopefully) the platinum for MGS: Peace Walker. I think I've about 50 odd hours on my save file and still have a bit to do...


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