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Destroy All Humans.


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Got this game and it's sequel dirt cheap so I thought why not, something that is fun and not too stressful for a change. I played this game on the PS2 way back and had a blast doing it, that has not changed. The game was as fun as I remember, good gameplay and basically one big dark comedy swing against the USA. The game was not difficult and with the exception of one trophy that required a bit of grinding, none of the trophies were of any annoyance. For some reason, the game was way buggier than I remembered though, which normally would piss me off considering it is kind of an achievement to make a game worse after such a long time, but since it is an old game I am way more forgiving with these kinds of things. I will play the sequel that I did not really got to play on the PS2 at some point for sure, but not immediately because I want to switch things up a bit more.

You’re in for a treat imo. The second game is basically an improvement on almost everything from the first game. I remember being so excited to get it Christmas morning when I was like 14 aha.


i wish they didn’t run the series into the ground after the second game, never did play the wii game


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Energy Cycle and 36 Fragments of Midnight



1L187c6c.png 1Ld93579.png



Already had these ones but now I went for the EU version. Great games! Super fast plats also.


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