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The 2 platinums below are for Vita's 7th anniversary event hosted by Crimson Idol


:platinum: #55


Job done !

Tetra's Escape

Difficulty: 1

Enjoyment: 5

= Just a uneventful ordinary game.


:platinum: #56


You've Gone Platinum

Sound Shapes

Difficulty: 3

Enjoyment: 8

+ The most rewarding game for Vita.

+ Excellent sound track, especially deadmau5 ones.

- Death Mode trophies are luck based in how the dots are placed.

- It's syncing function and logging server has never worked for me. Ever.


:platinum: #57


Platinum Thief


Difficulty: 1

Enjoyment: 6

= With that many levels in game, but can get 100% trophies in just 12 levels (25 minutes according to trophy guide). Now trying to complete its story...


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