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Obtained all trophies!


28th Feb 2019 9:47:07 PM


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Overall Enjoyment: 3/10

Plat Enjoyment:5/10

Play Enjoyment: 2/10

Difficultly: 5/10


The game isn't as hard as my opinion in difficulty lists but the controls are tricky to get in control. From a trophy hunting and platinum point of view, it was great. No bronze trophies, fast, lots of gold trophies. I was able to squeeze out the Plat in FEB, keeping me on track with my goals (Mat's Trophy Goals) and helping to set me up for FFX-2 as my MAR Plat and possibly picking up my fourth platinum of the year (possible fifth if I could ever get that damn jump rope game down). Even on sale and paying under $3.50, didn't like the game as I thought I was gonna and bit frustrated with it overall.





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