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This game is incredibly hard for a beginner. I bought it completely clueless (expecting something on the same level as YAKUZA's karaoke... got a Dark Souls spin-off). 

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Invisible hours:

Fun: 7.5

Difficulty 1


A narrative adventure enhanced immeasurably by being in VR. A bit blurry at distance, and no direct character interaction unfortunately, but still an interesting experience. I played for around 8 straight hours to get the plat and don't regret it, but the £10 I paid for it in the current PSN sale was the most I would pay and still feel I got my money's worth.


Hyperdimension Neptunia rebirth 1

Fun: 8

Difficulty 1


Never played the series before. Bounced off at first, but came back during a period of VITA drought and so glad I did. Standard dungeon crawler/ VN in many ways, but got the balance right.



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5 hours ago, RedRodriguez87 said:

From what I can tell, this is a sequel to a preexisting game, but going off my experience, I don't think it's vital you pay that one first; all you need to know is that it is a super dark take on Alice and her adventures in Wonderland as she revisits all its inhabitants, as evidenced by the title itself and all the blood splattered everywhere.


Yep, it's a direct sequel to American McGee's Alice. While it's not needed for follow Madness returns, I do recommend a playthrough, as it's pretty good. If you bought Madness Returns digitally, you should already have access to a quick and dirty port of the first game. It doesn't have a platinum, but it's an interesting, short 100%.


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                                                                                                #423 Heroes Trials




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