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1 hour ago, Durandal said:

This brings me to the bounty system, which is ok and makes sense even. But it can be really silly sometimes. For instance if you kill a bunch of cultists in front of a prisoner, who you rescue no less, but it will increase your bounty!  Heck, sometimes those prisoners even attacked me! Same happens when you kill a bandit in the middle of nowhere in front of his bandit buddies. I guess they are all somehow quantum entangled to the person who is charge of the bounty.


I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey a lot more recently and I’ve been running into the same problem where citizens end up attacking me for killing soldiers, even if they are being held prisoner by said soldiers. I don’t even lay a finger on the citizens to trigger them to fight me, they just really hate the fact that I’m saving them?


The weird thing is, I don’t remember having this problem when I first started playing the game (for the first ~20 hours).


Honestly, if Janet the 45 year-old stay-at-home mom from Athens wants to pick up an axe and start swinging at me after I just put down the soldier that was going to kill her kid, she’s getting put down. And the kid. And the entire town. End of story.


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Weekend game.  Haven't been really been playing the Artifex Mundi games since I lost my job for some reason. 🙄

It took me almost 6 hours for this?!!? That's long. 😱

The end of the trilogy! Enigmatis 3 should be next!

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