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On 4/15/2019 at 6:02 AM, DarkSoleride said:

Congratulations man this one is a glitchy one to achieve with the MP portion being very unpredictable with registering stats! Well done man! a good plat to have :D


Thanks! This game was a game i wanted to plat ever since i played it on my old account. Thought it'd be a nice plat to achieve. The MP wasn't that bad to be honest. Only the 20 airstrikes glitched on me but i ended up getting it without too much problem. I'd write a new guide for it if i had the time because they say you need at least 2+ playthroughs but i managed to get everything done in just one.  


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Earn all of The Show™ 18 Trophies.


Bought this from the Easter PS Sale to try something new. Really straight forward game with no online grinding required. I mean I am no baseball expert 😄 but surely you have trophies for winning Championships, throwing a no hitter or finishing top of batting/HR table. The trophy list is pretty weak and doesnt really make you play the game for long. After a certain point you are no longer required to really play the career mode. It could of been a lot better.


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