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1 hour ago, Squarevii87 said:


Win all trophies in the game!

Rayman legends





Same here! Finally got it 2 days ago after months of grinding on daily/weekly challenges (since I didn't play when I played the other levels...). So happy about it :D




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On 30/05/2019 at 1:37 AM, Undead Wolf said:

:platinum: #263 - Nights of Azure


Nights of Azure

Unlock all trophies.


I was in the mood to play a JRPG with a relativity short plat and this one came to mind since I've been sitting on it for a while. The story wasn't all that interesting, but I enjoyed the gameplay, even if it did get kind of repetitive. It was fun trying to build a good team of familiars. The platinum was on the grindy side, but nothing too extreme. I believe this is the first game developed by Gust I've played, and I must say, the art was really gorgeous. Definitely one of the stand out parts of this game for me. I really need to play some of the Atelier games soon... 1f62c.png

I still need to finish this game thanks for the motivation i just wish there was cross-save with the JP Vita version lol Congrats on your platinum man!


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:platinum: Plat #22 :platinum:
Warlock's Tower

:platinum: Platinum mailman :platinum:
Get all the trophies

Had a good time with this game, I'm glad they are finally making people play through the whole game. They make a lot of decent quick fun indie games but most of the time the trophies pop in the first 15 mins and people think its a shitty game because they don't play it the rest of the way through. So I'm glad the last couple at least make you play them to get all the trophies.


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Platinum #270:



Difficulty: 2/10

Enjoyment: 3/10

Playtime: 37 minutes, 8 seconds


...Well, it's just cheap platinum trash, innit. I will say this: it's one of those games that--if you're anything like me, who sucks at avoiding attacks and bullets when there's a lot happening on the screen--might get a little bit of a psychological edge over you because it's just a teensy bit harder than expected. Felt like the hitboxes were a little unfair as well.


It's not enough to put it into the 3/10 category, but it's no Storm Boy or Drowning neither. Just a heads up.


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