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platinum #369 Cars: Race-o-rama

completed in 1 day and 16 hours

platinum rarity 44.06% uncommon

platinum name: trophy collector 

platinum difficulty: 1/10 with guide, 2/10 kart challenges the car handling can be a bit bad.


time to start on the long term game. there's one that wants to be played and it's going to be Rainbow Skies (ps4) i'm aware it could take 75-100 hours. should help build the backlog over the next 2-3 weeks.


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#17 - Master of VR!

The Playroom VR


I really enjoyed getting this platinum. Wasn't too difficult but was extremely fun and a helpful game for getting used to the PSVR headset.


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44 minutes ago, Dragon-Archon said:

This game also has its share of grinds, which forced me to do a second playthrough. This put a damper on the fun factor, as I did everything else during the first playthrough. There's the experience grind to reach level 200, the money grind to obtain 20 million gald, playing mini-games to earn a grand total of 200,000 Tales Coins, and getting every title to rank 2. This last one meant farming 25,000 kills, using ultimate attacks 250 times, using a character for 150 battles, using attacks 2,500 times, and evading 400 attacks for each of the 6 characters.


All in all, it's a fun game, but the grinds are too much.

Those balloons had it coming


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