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platinum #370 Sega Megadrive Ultimate Collection (ps3) Europe stack

completed in 1 day and 10 hours

platinum rarity 26.32% uncommon

platinum name: Platinuminary


this game took well over 2 weeks to ship from the UK and it was just as easy as the first time i played minus mean bean machine took about 5-10 tries using the super stack method. going to head back onto rainbow skies had to lower the battle difficulty to 3 star over 5 since 6 isn't needed till endgame.

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On 5.6.2019 at 10:23 AM, jaehyun1009 said:

This one was a doozy. Fighting games aren't exactly my forte but I still wanted to give one a go and found this one sitting in the depths of my backlog and found out it had platinum percentage of under 1%. Challenge accepted...and now that it's complete I might have to get checked if I have carpal tunnel. (not really but you get the point)


The 26 Challenges are bad enough but most are manageable if you are able to use cheese tactics. Combo trials, on the other hand, were a bitch to complete, requiring precise and timely input plus memorizing movesets for each character which resulted in several days of practice until I got this one. This will now dethrone OlliOlli2 to go down as the hardest platinum trophy I have acquired, unless I eventually manage to get the platinum for SMB. That said, if you play fighting games a lot, you might find this a tad bit easier.


That said, I find it absurd that one easy peasy Ratalaika platinum has as much value as this one. Fuck you Ratalaika Games for devaluing platinum trophies... am I doing this right?


If i may ask, whats the background of your trophy card? In case it changes in the meantime, im talking about this here:



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