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#18 Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut.


Now I've got both the the HR Platinums. :)


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10 hours ago, GarciaFever said:

#191 God of War (2018)





Honestly, this game did not feel like I was playing God of War. In fact, this reminded me a lot of Skyrim, but in a third-person point of view. The only difference is that they brought back Kratos (I don't know why), and rather than having him do everything lone-wolf style, he has a kid with him. I'm sorry, but where the hell did the boy come from? On top of that, when in the blue hell did Kratos get a chance to impregnate a woman after turning the world into shit!? There are so many questions, and I just wish that they would have done a flashback or something to signify how Kratos met his wife rather than just talk about it as if we were gathered around a campfire in the middle of the night somewhere deep within the woods. Throughout half of the story, "The Boy" kept on being a whiny little bitch because he wasn't allowed to do stuff such as hunting, or getting pissed off when somebody talks about his mother, even when Kratos kept telling him to get his act together and to calm himself.


Graphics wise, the game looked amazing, but at the same time it becomes a bit too much, especially when it came to killing all 51 ravens. Because they had that same green glow that Athena had during God of War 3, it became a bit difficult to track down since they almost blended with the blue sky and snow. Thankfully nothing in this game is missable, so I can be able to backtrack without worrying about whether I need to collect something before going past the point of no return. At the same time, this became even more of a chore since I could not get a stable internet connection due to China's shitty wi-fi (yes I am currently living in China, but not for long), so having to look at a video guide for said ravens was taking forever to load for most of the time.


The trials of Muspelheim was almost a piece of cake. Of course the one thing giving me trouble was the challenge where I had to kill all the enemies without getting hit, but after several tries it was finally over. Even the grinding for the Mist Echoes in the Workshop was not too bad. When I got to finish making one of the pieces of armor, I was able to last a lot longer in the mist, and kept of netting anywhere from 5000-8000 Mist Echoes per run.


And with that, I am finally done this series.


First of all, what are you doing in China?


Anyway, I share the same opinions as yourself. 


The game becomes a chore because you have to find all the treasures and ravens, but there is really no direct route via fast travel (which I’ll get to in a few seconds) so you have to run around like an idiot. Certain sections get closed off so you have to find a way around them. 


God of War has no loading screens but they’re replaced with these drawn out sections. At the Blacksmith there is a fast travel door that you have to wait to magically appear, then you’re in this void where you run from one section to the next. Watch a tree glow for 30 seconds before you enter another section of the game. If it’s not those then you’re out canoeing across a body of water to reach an island where you need to find a treasure. 


Very tedious and annoying. 


I didn’t like the kid. Maybe he’s like that because of how Kratos is. But it doesn’t explain how he got there after he literally destroyed an entire world once dominated by Zeus. It felt tiresome to hear him complain while Kratos refused to reveal his past, which made for tensions that moved the story along. 


It’s a good game and the graphics are amazing, but it didn’t captivate me like the older games did. 


The series is far from over but I will no longer look at it the sane way again. 


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@Spaz Since September of 2018 I have travelled to China to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) to kindergarten kids. Money is great, but one of the issues that I have is how they want me to focus more on playing games rather than actually teach them English. Because of this, I am forced to make up games based on the subject of the week. On top of that, each week that they learn a new unit, it will include a butchered version of the song that I have to learn. For example, this week they have to learn the song "Round and Round":


Round and round and round she goes.

Where she stops, nobody knows.


That's it. No other lyrics, no other stuff, just two dumb sentences that I have to repeat twice. It pisses me off too since I am mostly sitting on the small wooden chairs, which makes my ass hurt all the time.


Back to God of War (2018), I never had any issue with the blue fast travel portals (or the lack of any loading screen) since whenever I enter them, I would just stand still until the exit appears. But I do agree on the canoeing. And if you somehow end up in a place where you don't have a canoe, then you are stuck with having to backtrack to the closest blue portal again.


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