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Platinum #283:




Difficulty: ?/10 (I'll never know how hard jt really is for reasons that are about to become patently obvious)

Playtime: 5 hours, 5 minutes

Enjoyment: 6/10


A clever little top down puzzler with a devious difficulty curve. Had to tap out and resort to solutions on at least half of them because that's just how I roll. When difficulty or repetitiveness start to adversely affect my opinion of a game (which had already plateaued pretty early on, to be honest), it just isn't worth it... not for me, and not for the game. But even so, I could always enjoy how convoluted or counter-intelligent a puzzle was even while "cheating", as it were.


It's woefully underwritten and the story is hard to follow. The music was just a bizarre, sometimes hugely jarring bunch of disparate noise, to the point of distraction. The walking speed is atonally slow, and the strange "half-step" mechanic combined with the not-quite-top-down graphical design can sometimes confuse you as to what tile you're on in the game world... especially during some weird bonus levels that try and fail to marry the clunky gameplay to facsimiles of Pac-Man and Bomberman. That was no fun at all, man.


The puzzles and spell-based gameplay mechanics can often be clever and/or fun but overall it comes off as misguided and half-baked. There was some unique potential here that was never able to reach full flower, and that's kind of sad. 


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Platinum #284: Lili - Child of Geos




Difficulty: 2/10

Playtime: 3 hours, 52 minutes

Enjoyment: 7.5/10


Lili is one of those games I'll probably just replay once every year anyways, stack or no. A short burst of fun that runs on wackiness, kinetic energy, and a constant feeling of accomplishment and positive reinforcement... it's just a joy. It's still one of the most well-polished indie games on the PS4, running at a crisp and solid 60FPS, all the while basking in the glory of its luxurious shader and lighting effects.


With a few hours' worth of more content, some more additions and revisions to the gameplay, and more care given to the storytelling and emotional beats, this could have been a minor modern classic. Irregardless and respective, it's still a bit of a rare gem that you don't see enough of these days. This is just what I needed to dispel the lingering pain of InnerSpace.


...Yeah, I have no idea how I was able to cut down the completion time of the EU version by more than an hour, either. I deliberately left some non-essential side quests until after the platinum but that still didn't take more than half an hour. Chalk up the other half hour to me knowing exactly what to do this time, maybe? Grinding the jars, a bore though it is, didn't even seem to take as long this time. Maybe time really is relative...


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Platinium: 135 :platinum:                            


                           Boderlands 2


Really amazing and fun game, I'm really happy they give us this with the Ps Plus last month cause otherwise I probably would never get to know this good and amazing saga I enjoyed it a lot!


The plat is fairly easy just time consuming and of course requires you to really like the game to get it cause you are going to play a lot! But if you do the journey is amazing and really fun overall. Looking forward now to go for the 100% on The Pre-Sequel


                                Dificulty: 3/10

                                Enjoyement: 9/10




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#10 Infamous First Light

:platinum:Noble Achievement

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