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10 hours ago, Kristycism said:

:platinum:#104 - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


A Realm Restored


I would also highly recommend this game, but only on PC. I played it for a bit on console a couple of years ago, but the controls are so much better on PC so I just left it on console and played on PC, where I must've spent well over 1,000 hours to date (and will likely still spend many more with the newest expansion). Only recently remembered that its cross-save, so I decided to quickly set up my characters in a way that I could nab the trophies in under an hour, because I wanted it to be on my Milestones list as my fastest Plat. Definitely not continuing it on PS4 though, back to PC to play again for me!




You can use keyboard and mouse on the PS4 version as well.  I've put thousands of hours into it myself, its my favorite platinum by far.  I also play it on PC nowadays, but when I got the platinum it was on PS4 back before Heavensward release.


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