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#119 - Super Life of Pixel (Vita)




Difficulty: 6/10 | Enjoyment: 7/10 | Plat rarity: 12.64%


Oldschool indie platformer with takes a lot from retro consoles and computers. Chapters are designed to look, sound and teach you about older systems, for example more known NES, GameBoy or Amiga, but also more niche like ZX81, CPC 464 or BBC. Very challenging, even more than it should be thanks to not best level design and lack of checkpoints which make longer levels unnecessary frustrating. But overall a fun experience for any platformer fan.


#120 - Midnight Deluxe (Vita)




Difficulty: 2/10 | Enjoyment: 3/10 | Plat rarity: 97.63%


A golf-like puzzle game published by community favorite Ratalaika. Not the worst game from them, but not the best either. You need to beat only 40 levels which takes hour at most, but it's still a tedious, annoying experience, especially on Vita with inaccurate analog sticks. It has pretty good atmosphere and music though, I'm a bit disappointed more enjoyable 36 Fragments of Midnight (which uses the same sprites, but is platformer instead of golf-like game) is muted. Buy it only if you have both PS4 and Vita and want 2 quick plats (it's $3.34 on sale for bundle).


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