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Platinum #145 - Kotodama  :platinum:


I should have gotten this one a while ago, but I had to replay the entire game due to a missable/glitched trophy (The "Chapter 7 Words Collector" trophy didn't unlock, even though I did collect all words in Chapter 7). But I tried again, and it unlocked this time :)


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1 hour ago, Franciscoo- said:

:platinum: # 256 - VA-11 Hall-A

Enjoyment : 9 / 10
Difficulty: 3 / 10 


I was deeply invested in this game, I found the story, characters and the cyberpunk setting amazing!

The trophy list is pretty straightforward for a game like this, there's just a bullet-hell like minigame that is required to complete for one trophy and God, it is annoying. It took me almost an hour to beat, but hey, at least the music was great (the entire soundtrack is amazing!)


Unfortunately I missed one flawless service bonus just at the beginning of the game when I was getting used to the mechanics and I didn't realize so I had to do another full playthrough, thankfully it just takes a few hours skipping through the text.


I'd definitely recommend anyone interested to give this a try, such an unique game, I'll probably get the Vita version as well while I wait for the sequel next year :lol:


How long is it my friend?


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