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On 9/22/2019 at 11:15 PM, Ascended Zed said:

:platinum: Platinum #7 :platinum:




Toughest Soul Trophy




All Trophies Obtained



Man! my platinum journey was not the smoothest. 

One of the black phantoms I was supposed to kill decided to roll backward and yeet to oblivion, that messed up my chances of getting white character tendency on my first playthrough.... which  prevented me form getting the ring from the monumental *flips table* 


Having played this game after the other Souls and FromSoft's magnum opus, Bloodborne, I have special appreciation for Demon's. Seeing the influence this game had on the other FromSoft titles was a neat experience. 

shout out to the Old Hero for jebaiting and yeeting me a couple of times, you are the MVP!!!!

Applause mate! That one is the hardest to platinum by far and that is coming from someone who has been playing the souls series since the release day of Demons Souls in EU :D 


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