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Platinum #199

Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure


Ice came, Ice saw, Ice conquered
Collect All Trophies


Kinda disappointed in how glitchy it is. Fell through the ground and certain walls over 6+ times. Moving platforms for some reason after I hit level 6ish started to be really jittery. It was just really annoying, didn't impact much. The camera could be really crazy, particularly on the sliding portions [which often would result in me flying out of the enviornment into an abyss]. Had a glitch where I couldn't even climb up stuff. Sometimes checkpoints wouldn't register. Sometimes double jumping wouldn't register either. And after dying a lot of the time I couldn't move right away after respawning.

Combat is terrible, it reminds me of Jak & Daxter if J&D's combat was awful. There's no impact at all to any of your attacks and every enemy takes multiple hits to die. 2-5. For most enemies [crabs/bugs] you couldn't properly melee with your combo quickly. I think it was because the model of the enemies is too small for the hit box of the attacks, but I have no idea honestly. It felt like once I figured out why it would switch it up and prove me wrong. But you should just run by most enemies if you play the game, it's way less tedious which I didn't learn until after replaying through for the collectables (which you have to do for 3/4ths of the game for them).. Sometimes the groups of enemies can be up to 7 and they take ages to jump, stomp to death.

But the base platforming, aside from the camera being a bit too close to your character which could create some unwanted movements, was fine enough. It also kind of reminded me of Jak & Daxter, since you do the spin attack and you get a bit more air/distance. Just like J&D. Things go a lot smoother once you get the double jump ability (after the first section of the game). I was a bit surprised that a game generally aimed at kids/families that the game required prediction jumps (needing to jump prior to a platform being in distance of your jump). Nothing is really hard in the game.

The bosses were okay, but needing to replay them to get collectables was annoying. Since you had to just keep going through every level until you finished it since you could only teleport from the first checkpoint of each level for some reason.

I wouldn't recommend this for $40 (or the $50+ CAD [not including tax] I had to pay). But if you burn through the rest of the 3D platformers on PS4, and really want one... and can get the game for $15 or less, I'd say it's probably worth that. Especially if they patch it. Due to the glitches I can't even put this in the top of the Outright Games games. I'd put it nearer the bottom of all the ones I've played (think I'm missing like 2). Ben 10 was the most polished of them all, and this was probably the least polished. Which is a shame, as I feel like it otherwise would've been one of their best games had it just had more polish... and the combat was not so terrible.

The music when it's there is okay, but it's rarely playing so things feel a bit empty. Oh and one other glitchy part is when you shoot up on a geyser Scrat's body does the jittering thing the platforms do it's really annoying there as well. Oh x2, there were also some framerate drops at times.

But hey, I can finally fucking play Ni no Kuni Remastered. Praise be to Yevon. I don't meant to be so down on Scrat, I did have some fun with it. But I can't ignore the problems. Oh, but to end on a positive. Some of the visuals are pretty nice. Not Horizon Zero Dawn or anything, obviously, but for a licensed game that likely had a shoestring budget I think it looks pretty nice.

Thanks for the details on this. I've been eyeing it knowing that $50 CAD is too much for it but...damn it I love Scrat lol. But seeing this and watching some clips of it on YouTube, I will wait for it to go on sale. 



As for my latest platinum, I just got Lego Incredibles for my #93. Time to start planning for milestone #100.

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