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Platinum #405:




Difficulty: 3/10

Playtime: Three to three and a half hours

Enjoyment: 6.5/10


Think the Tomb Raider/Hitman GO games with an '80s slasher aesthetic and Minecraft graphics. These kinds of games get on my nerves rather fast, and I resorted to a guide sooner rather than later, because I just don't have fun playing (and failing) the same level over and over.


All the references to the greatest decade in horror cinema, even extending to trophy names, worked a treat for a buff such as I. The delightfully punny level names were just the right side of dad jokes. And the imaginative kills... yep, they know their stuff.


The only thing I can call challenging was the Three Faces stuff, which took a few tries. Mindlessly grinding kills for half an hour also wasn't the most fun I've had murderizing people. Killing shouldn't be a chore, man; it's an insult to the sanctity of human life and all that!


Anyways, had some measure of shlocky fun and got me a blood-splattered platinum to show for it. Definitely going to be stacking the Vita version for next Spooktober, even if those patented Vita load times will be, well, murder.


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Sly Raccoon. I would like to play Sly 2 and 3 too but i'm not a fan of the sequels of Sly 🙃


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