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I can truthfully answer NO, I have yet to see any of the movies.


What this was, is a re-earned platinum from an old account, and also one I unwittingly inherited from a blank account that I took upon myself to finish thanks to my once crippling trophy OCD.


I don't have much to say about it, mostly because Tron as concept just bores me. It's black and blue solid colored cpu lite world is just so dull and boring to look at and play through, the discus combat style gets old pretty fast, even the bike sequences are forgettable to me. Not helping matters if the fact that the most stress free roadmap involves 3 playthroughs.


But I guess it wasn't a terrible experience. The parkour streamlined Prince of Persia-esque platforming was fun, if a bit unrefined, and the levels near the end did seem to be a bit more creative (like, how does rain in a digital world work?) Also, it was surprisingly easier than I remember, thanks to an overpowered weapon exploit I either completely forgot about and didn't even know existed 5 years ago.




:platinum:#258: Tale of Sword and Soul



This is ALSO another re-earned platinum, and one that was meant to be my Halloween one, but looking at it now...... eh.


Not too much to say here either, but it's mostly good things. But let me get the few bad outta the way first.


The story sucks, which seems odd to bring up in a fighting game, but this is SoulCalibur, a game no one can rightfully deny TRIES to have a compelling one. We just go from the admirable attempt of working within DC limitations found in SoulCalibur's text-heavy narrative coupled with beautiful artwork to paint a vivid picture and still leave some of it to your imagination, to uninspired sepia-tone stock art with rushed epilogues. Lame character-specific interactions coupled with terrible dialogue makes the story more laugh/groan worthy than compelling. The voices are either passable or ear bleedingly bad, plus that old pet peeve of mine of all the characters screaming out "DIE", "SCREAM", "WORM", "PAYBACK", "RANDOM NOUN OR ADJECTIVE THAT JUST AWKWARD AND NOT FITTING AT ALL".


Plus, this exchange:

Mitsurugi (to Taki): You again?! I've had enough of you!

Taki (with stupid grin on her face): haven't you had enough?


But now what I liked. The combat is fast and smooth, and in terms of Weapon master grinding, easily broken by Nightmare and Astaroth. The art, stage and character design completely makes up for the games now dated graphics (though I wish we still had character specific stages), the music is good, the extras like weapons, while nowhere near as good as SoulCalibur's art gallery, is fun and rewarding. And hey, it was to finally have Heihachi and Spawn duking it out. Shame about Linky poo though.

Nice I need to finish tron


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#69 Control. Easy, but the game was bit frustrating at some points. Other than that, i enjoyed it.


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