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With that, the Infamous franchise is now complete, and I'm really glad I gave them ALL a chance, as it is now a series that I've gone from not caring too much for, to hoping that somewhere down the line, it does make a comeback.


Granted, some things haven't changed; enemies' attacks seem to knock off half to full health whenever it's inconvenient to you; citizens make it a point to jump into your line of fire; the way enemies can consistently juggle you into death got VERY tiring. And no, I never got used to the "confuse the crap out you by littering the screen with special effects" aspect of gameplay. 


But thankfully, many things have changed for the better; enemies' now have to be on your radar before they attack, and you need to get their attention before they start assaulting you.There is a much greater variety of unique moves at your disposal for both paths, the map size is perfect, never feeling to big or too small; the ways you affect your karma are straight, simple and to the point. Your means of traversal have greatly expanded, allowing you to go faster both horizontally, AND vertically. Overall, it's just a really fun game to play, and a big step up from the first one. 


The best change, however, came from the story and characters.


Thanks to advances in tech, the story is now told, well, properly, with in game cut-scenes that let us seeing and hear a characters' emotions, rather than being told through a comic panel. They are now regulated to telling moments that happen in a flashback, and are much more effective as a result. 


The choice system is implemented so much better. Cole has much more agency of his own, and the game tries to make sens of very decision while still keeping characters from feeling like they have multiple personality disorders. Both endings are satisfying, if bittersweet, in their own ways, but it always feels right, like I really accomplished something. The supporting cast is also a huge step up; I'll admit I didn't really care for one of them, but the rest I really got to care about, and was sad what happened when it was all said and done.


So good job, Sucker Punch, on EVERY game in this series. It really does deserve the acclaim it's gotten, and I'm happy to have them all on my list.



Nice. It was a pretty easy game

My recent plat was driveclub bikes


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