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:platinum: #177 Word Search by POWGI (Vita)




Howl to the Chief

Collect all the trophies


This is my final platinum of 2019. I bought this game for my Vita more than a year ago, after feeling some nostalgia of solving word search puzzles, as a kid. I had fun with this game, in the beginning, but, considering that it features more than 300 puzzles, it started getting tiresome, so I left it and kept coming back, once in a while. Now, I finally gathered the motivation to solve the remaining puzzles and get the platinum.

There's not much else to say about this game. If you like to relax and pass some time, solving word search puzzles, about a varied range of subjects, then this game is definitely for you.


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6 minutes ago, DEsIx_KaerO said:


40-platinum.png#228 - God of War III Remastered





That was something, every boss fight were decently fun, except for that - Doggo spewing exploding doggos - :D , on Titan(hard) it was a challenge for me, but i made it through somehow, didn't like those accompanying enemies that spawned every time i severed one of its heads. Other than that, Zeus's first phase was for challenging than the 3rd one inside Gaia's Heart, Hercules was pretty tough to beat as well, and so  was Hades ( 1st phase in both fights) . It seems they did have some moves i did not even know they had, might be because of difficulty level.

To be honest, i should have started with Hard right off the bat, aMAZEd trophy would not be any harder anyways, as i only  died from Spikes on my Hard play-through.

Challenge of Gods were easy for the most part, some were luck based like killing all enemies bare handed ( Challenge 2 ), a lot of moments when just one soldier was running around as i ran out of time. Challenge 3 ( get stoned 10 times ), was tricky but, it wasn't that hard, countering the petrification move and not pressing the right button will petrify you much faster than by just standing.


Dunno what else to write ;)

Other than, that it was fun  :)

  Reveal hidden contents





I've literally started my one and only playthrough on Hard, and always attempting to cheese my way into the bosses, but Zeus was a complete clusterfuck to start with. He throws his annoying illusions, lightning bolts, and a plethora of nearly unavoidable attacks than I might break my RS from avoiding.


The challenges in this incarnation were a trial and error and they're a little easier than what the original God of War has (I'm looking at you Challenge 10). And shit happened with my PS4, causing my hard work to disappear, forcing me to do another playthrough just for the last few trophies.


Other than that, congratulations! God of War (2018) might be next in your list to Plat.


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#26. Horizon Chase Turbo

Late post, I just wanna keep my platinum posts up to date

fun: 4/10

time: 30 hours

difficulty: 4/10


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